1. How can I place an order?
Once you have added the desired items to your cart, follow the instructions:
To order as a guest
Click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout
Enter all the required information
Choose the payment method
Click ‘place order’
To order with Fabonline account
Log into your account
Click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout
Enter all the required information
Choose the payment method
Click ‘place order’

2. How are the orders confirmed?
A copy of your order with complete details goes in an email once your order is confirmed.

3. What do the order status refer to:
Awaiting Confirmation: Order was placed by customer but not confirmed as SMS verification code was not entered. Order can be cancelled in this status.
Confirmed: Customer has verified their order through SMS or Call. The contact and shipping details are confirmed in this status.
Processing: The payment for the order is not yet received in this status. This is for the orders that are online paid.
Processing at Warehouse: This status is used when the order information is sent to the warehouse to check the availability of the articles ordered. The order can be modified by our team depending on the availability of articles. Order cannot be cancelled in this status.
Pending Order: When the order is delayed due to unavailability of the stock. In this status order is modified by our team and the available articles will be dispatched. The process will take up to 4 to 5 working days.
Complete: When the order is fulfilled by warehouse team and the parcel is handed over to the courier. At this status a tracking number will be generated. The customer can check the tracking through the website. Order cannot be cancelled in this status.

4. What are the benefits of ordering through an account?
You can subscribe to become part of our loyalty program
Store credit can be issued in case the article is out of stock/defected, which you can redeem in your next purchase
You can also view the order history/ any previous orders placed

5. Can I modify the order?
Unfortunately, the order cannot be modified once the order has been placed.

6. What payment options do I have?
Cash on delivery (COD)
Online Payment
Easy Pay

7. Is COD available internationally?
Currently, the COD service is only applicable in Pakistan.

8. What is store credit?
Ans: In case you want your order to be cancelled or if the order is cancelled due to unavailability of articles, your amount will be store credited in your Fabonline account. It’s a balance that you can redeem on your next purchase.

9. How to redeem my store credit in next online purchase.
The customer first logged into account with credentials.
If customer has forgot the password then go to customer TAB search the customer from email and click on reset password.
The reset password link will receive to customer via email where customer can change her/his credentials
After customer logged into his/her account she can select any article and at the checkout page she must check on “Apply store credit”
The store credit will automatically be redeemed.
Note: Please note that Store credit against online orders can only be redeemed in online purchases.

10. What If I forget my account password?
First visit to our website www.fabonline.pk
Click on forget password reset button.
A password reset link will be sent on registered email details.
Open your registered email and reset the new password.

11. Can I open the parcel/order at the time of delivery?
Customers cannot open up the parcel/order before the delivery of cash to the dispatch team. In case of damage/defect customer should let us know via helpline 0300 - 6252265 or email at info@fabonlinepk.com